The Problem

 The majority of the coaches feel that more content should be addressed to their teams but the limited time does not allow them to teach to the fullest. At the same time, players feel that practices are collective-oriented and less individual coaching is provided. Parents that feel the same way face the problem that their kids have potential skills that are not being explored 

Our Hybrid App

Soccrates is a hybrid app (iOS and Android) that bridges the connection between player and coach by acting as a virtual report card that enables coaches the ability to analyze player’s videos; assign drills and individual challenges; create player specific programs; and provide video/audio feedback on each players’ progress.   

Serving Coaches and Players

    The mobile app addresses the fundamental growth of a youth player’s development by empowering the coach with all the tools necessary to help grow, mature and enhance each layer of an athlete’s core


Coach: Select your player and assign the challenge based on evaluation


Player: Receive the assignment, practice, perform, and record

Progress as a Team

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